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MSM lies

Mitch McConnell: We paid for ‘sin of slavery’ by electing Obama

Nowhere does the article actually say he actually said that.

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Ed Mazza

Stephen Colbert Trolls ‘Old White Guy’ Bernie Sanders Over Tone-Deaf Diversity Comments

So skin color is the only thing that matters, and yours had better not be white.

Watch the video.

Nick Sandmann

At age 63, I’ve never before seen such media venom being directed toward any individual as is being spewed toward this boy.  I’m not talking about what appears on Twitter, nor what people say whom reporters interview; I’m talking about the conduct of the reporters themselves, much of which has been utterly irresponsible. Continue reading Nick Sandmann

Fareed Zakaria

BK keeps the TV tuned to CNN.

On Sundays, Fareed Zakaria’s GPS comes on when I’m there in the mornings before church, and is rebroadcast when I’m there in the afternoons after church.

His voice makes me feel anxious. Continue reading Fareed Zakaria

Climate change is nothing new

Climate change is nothing newRe-examining the housing bubbleHilary Swank“Super-hydrophobic” metals could mean clean latrines“Women priests” again

Continue reading Climate change is nothing new