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“Oh Girl”

I included this song in the William Tell Show playlist because it never fails to move me.  I think it may be one of the saddest songs ever written.

These days, it has me conflicted.


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2) Give up the word “deserve.”

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John C. Dorhauer’s “An Open Letter to White Men in America” begins:

Dear White Men,

You are persons of privilege.

You didn’t earn it.

This distresses me far less today than it did when I first read it.  Maybe I’ve become more comfortable with having things I don’t deserve.  More likely, I’ve lost all interest in whether people have things they don’t deserve or deserve things they don’t have.

I encourage you to lose all interest in it, too.

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5) Pray for the public schools.

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Almost all poor children attend public schools.

It is impossible for any thing to benefit them that does not also profit society as a whole.  Thus prayer for them is a powerful shortcut to praying for the community and the nation.

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“Soft” and “hard” skills in school; and other news

Socialization technique helps in academic achievement, trial study finds
Caitlyn Virts, Relisha Tenau Rudd amber alerts
Paul Ryan and the brown bag
Woman’s brain scanned during astral projection

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