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Nancy Lanza, a mother tragic and infuriating

On Thursdays, for some time now, I’ve been reproducing old posts — reproducing the whole post.  Today I must make an exception, because the comments on this post became much more significant than the post itself.  So I will merely link to the original:

Nancy Lanza, a mother tragic and infuriating

The December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was, at the time, the worst mass murder shooting in American history.  It left the nation stunned.  The perpetrator, Adam Lanza, was a singularly troubled young man, and likewise his mother — the title says it in a nutshell, about her.  The original post links to a WaPo article about her.

Original post appeared 12/28/13.

* Nancy Lanza, a mother tragic and infuriating


Nancy Lanza, a mother tragic and infuriating

When I saw the TV news segment on the official report a few nights ago, I tried to recall what had become of the mother.

Oh, yes.  He killed her first.

I have to believe there were resources and expertise available that she did not avail herself of, in her decades of dealing with this difficult child.

I still do not understand those who oppose any limits at all on how many guns a person can own.

I strongly suspect karma plays a big role in what happened.

Ultimately, she shares culpability.

Recall that this is the story that made most of us aware of the term “crisis actors.”

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