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My hope is built

I may no longer believe a word they say, but I can take great comfort in the hymns I learned in childhood.

My hope is built on nothing less
than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
No merit of my own I claim,
but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On what is my hope built?

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Why I believe in astrology

I came to belief in astrology by a very strange route.


Sometime between 1985 and 1995, I became aware that, for years, roughly once a month I had faced a personal crisis; and some of these were pretty severe.
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Keith and Rodney

(Adapted from a letter to my brothers dated 06/22/13.)

For a while, I’ve wanted to tell you about a couple interesting guys in my world, Keith and Rodney.

Rodney is an older guy.  I’m pretty sure he’s the same fellow who, years ago (~2000-2003) I nicknamed “Stinky,” which needs no explanation.  He often got on the bus that I was taking to work at that time.  If he is the same guy, his life has drastically improved since those days.  He’s clean-shaven now, well-groomed, clean, well-dressed.  He stays at the Baltimore Rescue Mission.  He’s at the library almost every day, hangs out for hours in the Wi-Fi café studying books about topology.  He also typically carries a French-language Bible.

Keith is a big, husky guy.  Works for a temp agency 10 hours a day unloading trucks of foodstuffs and liquors throughout the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia).  With that work schedule, he only stays at the mission on weekends.  During the week he sleeps outside on the sidewalk — much too dangerous for me to do, but he can handle himself.  He displays no interest in getting his own place, though I should think he could if he wanted.  At the mission, for fun he reads the newspapers’ financial pages — in detail.  Markets, mergers, debentures, all that stuff I don’t understand, but he likes it.

Keith never talks about religion, but he’s got an e-Bible on his phone and spends a lot of time studying that, also.

Two Jews, three opinions

Ethnic differences don’t all need to be A Problem.

A certain woman has struggled for some years with alcoholism.  I have followed her case because she’s close to me and because I am, after all, an alcoholic myself.

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Why do roses have thorns?

Are thorns happy?

Friday, December 1, Bounce showed Steven Seagal’s Above the Law.

He always plays opposite some eye candy, a term I learned from a Doonesbury strip about Uncle Duke’s presidential campaign.  In Above the Law, it was Sharon Stone.  In On Deadly Ground, it was Joan Chen, a Chinese actress cast as a Native American, with no real function but to look nice and follow him around.

“Eye candy” isn’t a mere phrase.  I saw again that when I see a pretty woman, such as Stone in that scene, I get a sweet taste in my mouth.  This is a physiological reaction, and potentially raises lots of questions about how we respond to beauty — or ugliness.

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I have much the same reaction whenever I see a rose.

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