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Glossary: Nodding

“Nodding” is the principal sign of opiate intoxication. Out of nowhere, the individual will abruptly appear as if he or she were falling asleep, stay that way for an indefinite period — often leaning or bending over at angles that seem to defy gravity, and somehow, somehow not falling — and then, just as abruptly, come back to complete alertness.


Glossary: TDAP

TDAP — Temporary Disability Assistance Program — is a State of Maryland cash benefit for people who have an active, pending application for Supplemental Security Income and/or Social Security Disability Income.

The benefit is $185/month. It lasts for a maximum of one year or until a determination is made as to the SSI/SSDI application. If the SSI/SSDI application is denied and not appealed, TDAP is cut off at once.

I received this benefit for some time 2011-2012 when I was legitimately disabled. It was a big help with living expenses. I am not disabled now.

Most of my acquaintances get it.

My therapist and I have had several conversations about whether I might be eligible for SSI/SSDI based on psychiatric factors, and thus far have decided not to pursue it. An SSI/SSDI application is normally denied the first three or four times one applies, and one won’t normally get an award without a lawyer. It takes a lot of work.

One must be fully committed to dependency.