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How I became homeless

This is the second of three posts about entitlement:
07/12 – “Entitlement(s): Attitude and policy”
Today –
“How I became homeless”
07/26 – “When needs are met”

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I don’t write about easy things.

At this writing, a more immediate question is how I’ve stayed homeless, which has prompted no small amount of anger and depression in recent weeks.  The short answer appears to be that I’ve stayed homeless the same way I became homeless.

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Heart and soul

“Purity of heart is to will one thing.”
— Soren Kierkegaard

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Hopes vs. expectations

I have been wary of telling this, because the thing hinges on an abstraction that not everyone may be in a position to grasp.  But in recent weeks, it’s been really prominent to me.  And one can tell from recent posts that I don’t much care for abstractions.

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When prayer backfires

One is unlikely to understand this without first reading “From my diary: Learning to pray.”

1. Don’t come uninvited.
2. You don’t need an invitation to love people.
3. Name names.
4. Word for word.
5. What you “see” is what you’ll get.

I consulted several Wikipedia articles in preparation for this post.  All turned out to have been written by people who are hostile toward reports of anything that might involve a spiritual world.

As much as I try to give credit to all points of view, I cannot adopt the same position. My earliest memories are of the conviction that there is more to the world than we perceive with the five senses.  Since I began practicing silence, I have seen auras.  I have had precognitive visions and telepathic dreams.  I was compelled on one occasion to pray for my worst enemy, only to learn later she’d just been through an event I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  In the fall of 1990 I was compelled to pray day after day for a woman I’d not met and had never heard of; only to find, when I moved to another state in January ’91 to attend grad school, she was one of my classmates and had an intense interest in healing prayer, as I also did.  To deny these facts, I’d have to lie to myself more than I’m willing to.

There’s still the puzzle of unanswered prayer.
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Keith and Rodney

(Adapted from a letter to my brothers dated 06/22/13.)

For a while, I’ve wanted to tell you about a couple interesting guys in my world, Keith and Rodney.

Rodney is an older guy.  I’m pretty sure he’s the same fellow who, years ago (~2000-2003) I nicknamed “Stinky,” which needs no explanation.  He often got on the bus that I was taking to work at that time.  If he is the same guy, his life has drastically improved since those days.  He’s clean-shaven now, well-groomed, clean, well-dressed.  He stays at the Baltimore Rescue Mission.  He’s at the library almost every day, hangs out for hours in the Wi-Fi café studying books about topology.  He also typically carries a French-language Bible.

Keith is a big, husky guy.  Works for a temp agency 10 hours a day unloading trucks of foodstuffs and liquors throughout the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia).  With that work schedule, he only stays at the mission on weekends.  During the week he sleeps outside on the sidewalk — much too dangerous for me to do, but he can handle himself.  He displays no interest in getting his own place, though I should think he could if he wanted.  At the mission, for fun he reads the newspapers’ financial pages — in detail.  Markets, mergers, debentures, all that stuff I don’t understand, but he likes it.

Keith never talks about religion, but he’s got an e-Bible on his phone and spends a lot of time studying that, also.

Stupid psychics, and other briefs

“The stimulus debate continues”
“Lean not unto your own understanding”
Russell Simmons on silence and presence
Teresa Giudice update
“Enhanced interrogation” back in the news

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McDonald’s commercials have changed; and other briefs

McDonald’s commercials have changed
The crazies and the stupids
Creation vs. the Big Bang?
Julius Henson in the news again

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