ISO shoes that fit

Here’s a problem I’ve never faced before.

My nominal shoe size is 10½. A few months ago, at the clothes room, I obtained some size 10 boots. Pretty nice, brown. And, as usual, given that I walk three miles a day on concrete, after a few months, they wore out. Hole in each sole all the way through.

The closest thing available to me in the clothes room Thursday night was some size 9½ brown dress shoes. They had no laces, so the clothes room guys got me laces from a pair of black boots. I put them in, and tied them up to be sure I’d cut off the right length, and cut about six inches off each end. (Pause.) As of Friday morning, the white core of each lace was clearly visible at the ends.

I had at first thought these too-small shoes might work out. But the walk “home” Friday afternoon was painful, and when I undressed for shower the left sock showed blood. So I turned in those shoes to get others.

The closest thing available to me in the clothes room Friday night was a pair of size 11 black loafers. I prefer lace-ups, which I think are dressier, classier. These were so far too big, I put on two pair of socks. Still too big. I balled up some paper napkins and stuffed those in the toes.  Now they seemed to fit.

Until I got to church this morning. My feet are quite sore; the loafers seem to be raising a blister on each heel. But the damage may be left over from what the 9½s did.

This will be a question to address in the prayer service this morning.

Something homeless guys deal with.

Postscript, 17:36:  I got turned away from the shelter again.  I was soaked with sweat.  Walked back to church.  Advantages of this circumstance:  (1) I won’t have to walk to church in the morning in these difficult shoes.  (2) I won’t get tomato sauce on a clean shirt at supper.  To do:  (1) Rinse out T-shirt at the kitchen sink. (2) Wash up at kitchen sink.  Then I won’t be a smelly spectacle in the morning.


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