Job search diary 08/03/16 – 08/09/16

SATURDAY 2016-08-06
Replacing IDs
Friday morning at breakfast, I was picking up my things to leave, and saw this other fellow’s things. He had no backpack to speak of, and had a King James Bible sitting on top of his stuff. He meant to carry that Bible in his hand everywhere he went all day. On the one hand, this struck me as foolish. On the other hand — where’s my Bible? It wasn’t among the stash I went through on Thursday 07/28. It must be somewhere.
Overnight I would recall that I had — or had had, at one time — some additional belongings stashed in the furnace room at church.
Today I looked there, and found two backpacks. I opened one, and there was my Bible, right there; and my IDs, the originals, just as I recalled them, in a glassine bag inside a manila folder. Many other important papers. All in remarkably good shape, given the extremes of temperature and humidity they meet in that room.
I’m back in business.

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