Homogenized language

Note that he found the backwoodsmen’s speech unintelligible.

Ends and Beginnings

I graduated from a college located deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I worked the cash register at an appliance store after class to make a little extra beer and gas money. This store sold ovens, refrigerators, televisions and stereo systems but the big seller was satellite television dishes. Keep in mind, this was 35 years ago. Cable television was only available in densely populated areas and satellite dishes weren’t the cute little contraptions we mount on the side of our houses today, these were big ass, six-foot wide, got their own zip code dishes.

There were two big cash crops in this community (not counting moonshine), Christmas trees and burley tobacco. After selling their burley corp, and after Christmas, families who lived deep, deep in the nook and crannies of the mountains that surrounded this community would come to town with a fat roll of bills in the pockets of their overalls…

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