Job search diary 07/13/16 – 07/19/16

Thursday, July 21, 14:15:  See previous post, linked to below.

For the moment, it’s a pretty short story.

I’m pursuing an initial offer of a position as part-time produce clerk at a major local supermarket.

I had received that initial offer by e-mail 07/09/16.

I phoned them a number of times the following week.  I phoned them again ~15:15 Friday 07/15/16.  I wound up speaking with the gentleman who signed the original e-mail.  It turns out they’d never received my response, so the background check had never been started.

This glitch may pertain to the outdatedness of the browser I’m using on this terminal at church, and/or difficulties I’ve been having in recent weeks with my Yahoo! Mail.  Either way, while he had me on the phone he walked me through the (not simple) steps to get the initial offer responded to correctly.

As late as it was in the day, he said they probably wouldn’t have the background check results until Tuesday, and I’d hear from them then.

I phoned at 15:08 yesterday, Wednesday, and the young woman who answered took a detailed message for him.  If I don’t hear from them before 15:15 today, I’ll phone again.

My “background” consists of one conviction, for a misdemeanor, in 2010.  There is also a bankruptcy.  It is possible that they have a company policy requiring that the candidate have no convictions.  As far as I know, they have the legal right to have such a policy.  Not all employers do.

If I don’t get the job, that’s not the worst that can happen.  The worst that can happen is that I get the job and then fail, whether by virtue of attendance problems, inadequate performance, or causing myself to be seen as hard to deal with.

If I don’t get the job, I’ll resume activities as they were prior to 07/09/16.  There was already another employer who wanted to schedule an interview, which I postponed to pursue this opportunity.  There are many employers out there.

I will not be defeated.

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