Stereotypes have basis in fact.

At Messiah Truth, someone remarked:

I think the whole issue of race is downright silly.

My response:

I think it’s a question of what feelings and judgments get attached to it.

On the one hand, I am encountering numerous news articles alleging that the concept of race has no biological basis. On the other hand, I am encountering many pieces vehemently condemning “colorblindness” and insisting that the first feature I attend to, of any person, is his or her skin color.

Both appear to me to be coming from the left end of the political spectrum.

I am entertaining the possibility of looking at human beings the same way we look at any other species.

I have seen detailed outlines of personality traits associated with different breeds of dogs and cats. There may be two dozen attributes associated with any given breed. Why not admit that there may be similar differences among the different “breeds” of human beings?

On the one hand, certainly no attribute more or less applicable to any entire group is necessarily applicable to an individual member of that group. On the other hand, stereotypes — of blacks, of whites, of Jews, of gentiles — all have bases in fact.

Actually, for me it boils down to a Gospel question of whether or not I will accept the person as he or she is and embrace whatever particular version of the image of God that God has endowed the person with.

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