A few brief notes about prayer

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See Mark 5:30.

Part of my daily prayer routine is to lay hands on the congregation’s prayer list. I have a folded-up copy of the prayer list, that I hold in my hands; I sit in silence and direct love and light toward those people, who are represented in that setting by the names printed on the paper. I may visualize the paper as surrounded by a cloud of light, or as glowing with an incandescence. Normally, throughout this time, I feel an electricity-like tingling in my hands.

I also normally feel that when I am praying for another person individually, or when certain individuals touch me while praying for me.

Yesterday morning, I could not go upstairs into the sanctuary to do my normal prayer time, as the summer camp children were using it. I sat downstairs in front of the computer. Time came for me to lay hands on the prayer list, and I picked it up; but my mind went elsewhere, and I forgot about it. In due course, a feeling in my left hand took my attention, and I saw that I was holding the prayer list in that hand. Just by my mere contact with that paper, the flow of energy had begun, without my even thinking about it.

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Job search

Earlier this week, I had a favorable interview at the Harris Teeter in Canton Crossing, for the position of part-time produce clerk. This morning I received an e-mail from them, saying they want to proceed with the hiring process; they want to have me on board on or before this coming Friday, 07/15/16, and my hourly wage will be higher than anything I’ve been paid since 2006.

In terms of the emotions I’m aware of, I’ve felt largely indifferent about this development, but my body’s indicating differently. Throughout this morning’s prayer service, I could not stop grinning. I am, honestly, looking forward to paying my own bus fare, my own rent at the shelter, buying my own phone minutes, and using my church envelopes. It will be so great! At the shelter, instead of being the one who constantly asks others for cigarettes, I can become the one who gives them away.

I confess to having had lots of skepticism about the possibility of answers to prayer for my own case. But part of me can’t help wanting to jump for joy and thank God for the apparent answer to prayer in these developments.

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