Daily Archives: April 29, 2016

Urgent need — GoFundMe update

I don’t like bringing messages like this, but it also doesn’t pay to be silent.


I’m in a “moment.”  God willing, it will be, and I believe it will be, a moment; but it is what it is.  For the moment, I’m in urgent need.

As of 12:30 Friday 04/29/16, I have $6 cash and some change.  The first $50 GoFundMe raised, has been exhausted; my bank balance is too low for me to be able to use the card.  I will shortly pick up some prescriptions, but not all, as there are a couple $1 co-pays I can’t pay.  The shelter has waived my rent through Monday, but they’re not going to do this forever.

Anything anyone can manage to give at this moment will be most appreciated.

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