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Update 04/06/16 – Housing, Job search

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I am facing urgent, drastic changes.  To find new housing, I may wind up in a distant location.  It may be difficult to get to church; it may become impossible to attend; I may have to give up my offices at church.  I may have to move out-of-state.

Transitional housing now does not seem likely to become available to me anytime in the near future.  The most realistic plan will be to continue to stay at the shelter, but take other steps to facilitate finding and keeping a job.  The first job I get will most likely be part-time.  However, any job that gives me an income of $100/week — whether that’s 10 hours/week at $10/hour, or 12.5 hours/week at $8/hour, etc. — will render me financially independent.  Self-supporting.

My current cash resources will be exhausted come Sunday.

Topics here below:
Specific housing resources
Job prospects
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