Kimberly Leto verdict

Kimberly Leto verdictPhilip Chism verdictScary asteroids

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Teen faces 45 years after pleading guilty to Highlandtown burglary and murder of Kim Leto

I have no idea what took this so long to go to trial.

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Teenager Found Guilty Of Raping And Murdering High School Teacher

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Enormous Christmas Eve Asteroid Sparks Fears: ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Space Rock Could Cause Earthquakes, Wake Dormant Volcanoes

Starpulse is a celebrities/gossip site. It would be easiest to say the headline lies.

Brad Ryder sets forth propositions he says fringe theorists believe, without any direct quotes or attributions.

There is a reference to “September” in a quotation from a NASA report dismissing the rumors. That refers to the assertions of one Renee Moses, who holds herself forth as a prophet and has made a career of announcing successive dates for the Rapture — which she holds forth as certain, but constantly change.

Related:  NASA, the asteroid, and the blood moon, etc.


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