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Headlines about race

Beginning as of the earliest link below, I have, and plan to continue to, attempted in good faith to copy every single headline that appears in my Yahoo! News feed pertinent attitudes toward race.

My hypothesis was that, overwhelmingly, it is only the attitudes of white people towards race, that are studied and reported.  The data here below speak for themselves.

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“Seeing red” is real. But how does it happen?

The scientific reason your world brightens up when you do

This study affirms some common observations about color perceptions and emotional states. When one is enraged, the color red appears more vivid in one’s perceptions; when depressed, the color blue. When one feels elated, all colors appear brighter, and in times of severe depression color perception can all but disappear; the world looks black and white.  Or, perhaps, bleak and white.

The study attempts, and IMO fails, to attribute these things to the activity of neurotransmitters such as dopamine.  But there is no finding of direct action by such neurotransmitters on the color-perceiving apparatus of the visual cortex.

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Bible contradictions #08: Is God love and light?

1 John 1:5:

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.

1 John 4:8:

Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.

The author of John appears not to have been aware of Isaiah 45:5-7:
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Bible contradictions #07: What caused the Babylonian exile?

According to 2 Kings 24:3, the Babylonian Exile was God’s punishment upon the nation for the sins of Manasseh.  In the thinking of ancient times, the righteousness or sin of a king was attributed also to the nation as a whole.  See also 2 Kings 21:10-15 and 2 Kings 23:26-27.

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Man Gives Up Drugs And Goes Into Rehab After Hearing Obama Speak

Keri Blakinger

One West Virginia man voluntarily handed all his drugs over to police last month after watching the president talk on Oct. 21.

During a speech in Charleston, Obama spoke about the need to reduce demand for opiates. He talked about how hard the Mountain State has been hit by the heroin epidemic and offered some sobering data, stating that there were 259 million prescriptions written for painkillers in 2015 and, at this point, more Americans had died from overdoses than from car crashes every year.

He offered solutions as well. Obama spoke about how his proposed 2016 budget offers more than $100 million for overdose prevention and medically assisted treatment programs.

“We’ve all got a role to play,” the president said, according to the West Virginia Gazette Mail. “These are our kids. It’s not somebody else’s kids, it’s our kids; it’s not somebody else’s neighborhood, it’s our neighborhood.”

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The indigo children: Where are they now?

Some generations are just more religious than others, some less.  The worldwide indifference of millennials towards faith may not spell the end of religion; it may just represent the influx of a large group of souls who happen, as a group, to be less religious than others.

This, along with the prospect of a forthcoming post about auras, recalled to me the supposed influx of another cohort of souls: the indigo children.

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