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Michael Jackson “son” hoax, and other notes

Michael Jackson “son” hoax  •  Interspecies altruism  •  Zookeepers play Mama Bear
Screwed up names spell screwed up people  •  Scandal again  •  My first thought
D.C. homeless housing crisis  • Income inequality

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When prayer backfires

One is unlikely to understand this without first reading “From my diary: Learning to pray.”

1. Don’t come uninvited.
2. You don’t need an invitation to love people.
3. Name names.
4. Word for word.
5. What you “see” is what you’ll get.

I consulted several Wikipedia articles in preparation for this post.  All turned out to have been written by people who are hostile toward reports of anything that might involve a spiritual world.

As much as I try to give credit to all points of view, I cannot adopt the same position. My earliest memories are of the conviction that there is more to the world than we perceive with the five senses.  Since I began practicing silence, I have seen auras.  I have had precognitive visions and telepathic dreams.  I was compelled on one occasion to pray for my worst enemy, only to learn later she’d just been through an event I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  In the fall of 1990 I was compelled to pray day after day for a woman I’d not met and had never heard of; only to find, when I moved to another state in January ’91 to attend grad school, she was one of my classmates and had an intense interest in healing prayer, as I also did.  To deny these facts, I’d have to lie to myself more than I’m willing to.

There’s still the puzzle of unanswered prayer.
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Change your diet.

(Originally posted 05/28/12 at Trojan Horse Productions.)

Garbage in, garbage out.

I spent Memorial Day at Dunkin’ Donuts writing “A star is born.” As of noon, I’d developed the plan to wrap up about 3:00 and, on my way back to the shelter, check out this new strip joint on The Block.

I finished just in time, bought smokes at a convenience store, and headed for the bar …

… which will remain nameless. No show was happening. The bartender was in no rush to take my order. Not one female made a move to pay me any mind.

The killer was Weezy comin’ out the juke box with language I wouldn’t use in the presence of a whore.

The time had come to write this post.

I got a Heinie and a Corona, chugged them both down, and left.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Some people choose to swim in filth.

Would you choose to swim in a septic tank?
How long can you swim in there without swallowing some deadly poison?

(A little-known Baltimore fact: in the block north of City Hall, the “municipal building,” where you can pay your parking tickets and water bills, is named after a man who deserves to be a hero. Abel Wolman played a major role in putting chlorine into America’s drinking water. Before then, American tap water — like tap water in most other countries — was not safe to drink. Wolman’s work saved many tens of thousands of lives that would otherwise have been lost to cholera, typhus, or other deadly diseases.)

If you wouldn’t swim in material filth, why swim in a filth of ideas?

As an adult, you can choose what does or doesn’t come into your home.
You choose what music, if any, your children “swim in” in the car.
At any age, you choose what goes into your CD or mp3 player.

You choose what to buy.

You choose what you feed your mind.

If it has one of those “explicit” stickers on it, buy something else. Play something else.
If it’s already in your house, put it in the trash, where it belongs.

Your quality of life will improve.

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“Soft” and “hard” skills in school; and other news

Socialization technique helps in academic achievement, trial study finds
Caitlyn Virts, Relisha Tenau Rudd amber alerts
Paul Ryan and the brown bag
Woman’s brain scanned during astral projection

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Pull your pants up.

(Originally posted 05/27/12 at Trojan Horse Productions.)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I wasn’t going to mention this, but then this happened at the shelter.

This might not have happened at a different shelter.

For about a week, this young boy’s been coming here who keeps one hand on his pants at all times. If he didn’t, they’d fall down completely. Normally his drawers are all showing.

I don’t know how many times they asked him to fix his pants, but tonight they finally told him if he doesn’t fix his pants he can’t come in.

If you wear your pants hanging off your butt to put yourself outside the mainstream, congratulations.

It works.

You’re not welcome in the mainstream.

You may not be welcome at the homeless shelter, either.

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Stupid psychics, and other briefs

“The stimulus debate continues”
“Lean not unto your own understanding”
Russell Simmons on silence and presence
Teresa Giudice update
“Enhanced interrogation” back in the news

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A note on today’s posts

For me, “will” and “God’s will” are technical terms with particular meanings. I will need to refer to them often in coming posts, and so wanted to post these glossary items now. I have been preoccupied this week with composing a major post about handguns and self-esteem, and so haven’t managed to develop the three current posts as fully as I’d like. I will augment them at a later date.

What’s in a name?

(Originally posted 05/23/12 at Trojan Horse Productions.)

Some years ago, I was home on vacation (that is, visiting my mother out-of-state) and saw this item in the newspaper. In Detroit, this fellow was resisting arrest and the struggle got really mean, and he wound up sustaining injuries from which he died.

On the one hand, OK, too bad, it happens.

On the other hand, I had to wonder what other end this gentleman could have met; his mother having named him “Malice Green.”

Did either of his parents ever bother to consider what that name means?

Give your child a sensible name!

If your parents failed to do so, you may want to give yourself a sensible name.

We have a page devoted to this issue (here).

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McDonald’s commercials have changed; and other briefs

McDonald’s commercials have changed
The crazies and the stupids
Creation vs. the Big Bang?
Julius Henson in the news again

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