Lesson 6: Words containing “aught,” “ought,” and “ere”

Word list:

caught taught naughty ought fought wrought soughtbought thought thoughtere where there here mere

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Two Jews, three opinions — Additional tags

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Two Jews, three opinions.

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Two Jews, three opinions

Ethnic differences don’t all need to be A Problem.

A certain woman has struggled for some years with alcoholism.  I have followed her case because she’s close to me and because I am, after all, an alcoholic myself.

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Is someone signing up all his or her Outlook contacts as followers to this blog?

If anyone knows, please advise!

Follow-up, Saturday, January 20, 2018:

OK, here’s the deal.  On some blogging platforms, comments from Followers go straight through without being moderated, and by-pass the spam filter.  So now these new Followers have begun submitting spam comments, counting on WordPress being the same way.

Lesson 3: “On” and “Off”

Here is a diagram of which fingers press which keys in ten-fingered typing:

Note that 15 keys as a whole are assigned to the left hand, and 15 keys as a whole are assigned to the right hand.

Even in two-fingered typing, one’s first impulse will be to type the letters on the left half of the keyboard with one’s left hand, and those on the right half with the right hand.

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Homeless by choice

Homelessness, up in 2017, doesn’t take a break for Christmas

Brandy Felci is homeless by choice.

It could be a lot worse.  Some people get barred out of every shelter in town because they refuse to follow any of the rules, or are extremely belligerent.

As to the headline, it doesn’t matter much:  On my Yahoo! News feed, it’s changed three times since I first logged on this morning.  Someone assigned this reporter to do the mandatory Christmastime piece on homelessness, that’s all.

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